Hi there! My name is Abdullah Alhomoud. I’m a designer, language educator, and writer. I founded Arabic In Depth as an initiative providing you an immersive experience of the Arabic language and Arab culture wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re an Arab outside the Arab world looking to reconnect with your language and culture, or a non-Arab interested in learning Arabic, you will find what you’re looking for here.

Arabic In Depth is a merger of the contemporary and the traditional. As a designer, my focus is on Arabic typography and Islamic geometric design, and my work aims to usher them into the twenty-first century while staying rooted in their rich history.

In my shop, you can find artwork and apparel designed by me with love and an attention to detail. Each item is made on demand, just for you, with quality over quantity in mind. The production facilities I have partnered with all meet my criteria for ethical standards: They provide their workers a safe working environment, along with a fair wage with benefits, and run environmental programs aimed at reducing waste.

As a language educator, I use the Natural Approach to immerse you in Arabic. This is a communicative approach to language learning (learn more).

In my lessons, I speak and read to you a lot, using comprehensible input—language just challenging enough for you to learn. In addition, I use visual aids and body movement to help you understand and engage with the language. I don’t put pressure on you to speak or write in Arabic, and trust that you know when you feel ready to do so.
 Once you have reached an advanced level, we can focus on the mechanics of grammar if you wish to deepen your knowledge of Arabic.  

One of the best ways to learn a language is to read authentic text suited to your level. With this in mind, I write short stories for Arabic learners. These stories use simple language and are written with full diacritics.

I encourage you to do your best to read the stories as if you were reading your native language. Instead of being tempted to translate every word, try to understand the content of the story—what the story is communicating—and see if you can understand any unfamiliar word by using its context as a clue. If necessary, however, you can use the translation tool that I have provided. Most importantly, never forget to enjoy the stories!

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